Jack Hall's Pecans

Over 50 years of excellent service in Covington, Tennessee


Pecans are a delicious and natural source of nutrition, and Lucky Lady packages these fine delicacies in gift bags, decorative tins or bulk boxes. Our gifts will leave a lasting impression on their recipients. Freshness delivered at your doorstep in a timely manner is our commitment to you.


Proper Storage of Raw Shelled Pecans

Avoid the following: exposure to sunlight, heat, relative humidity above 65% and storage with products which give off strong odors. Shelled pecans leave our plants with a moisture content ranging from 3½% to 4¼%. Storage at 65% RH is extremely important to maintain the quality and flavor of your pecans.

At a relative humidity of 75 to 85%, pecans immediately increase in moisture content. Mold may begin to form at approximately 4.75% and develops rather rapidly above 4.75%. A product which arrived in perfect condition may be ruined in a matter of days if subject to high humidity.


Suggested Deadline for on-time Christmas arrival is December 10, 2011.

Please note, we do not guarantee any shipment arrival dates.

Holiday Suggested Ship Dates for 2011:

Feb. 7 - Valentines Day
March 8 - St. Patrick's Day
April 14 - Easter Sunday
April 21 - Administrative Day
April 28 - Mothers Day
June 9 - Fathers Day
June 22 - 4 of July
Aug. 25 - Labor Day
Oct. 10 - Bosses Day
Oct. 24 - Halloween
Nov. 17 - Thanksgiving
No UPS Delivery on Nov. 24
Nov. 25 - UPS will deliver only, no pick-up
Dec. 10 - Christmas
No Delivery Service on Dec. 25 or Jan. 1